Names of God: El Shadday (God Almighty)

God Almighty

El Shadday (Hebrew)

Scripture Reading: Genesis 17:1-8Exodus 6:2-52 Corinthians 6:14-18Revelation 11:16-19


El Shadday, or “God Almighty,” is a name God uses to describe Himself throughout the Old Testament. He appears to Abraham in Genesis 17 with the greeting, “I am God Almighty.” Then God makes a covenant with Abraham, promising to make him the father of a great nation, even though Abraham was old and his wife was barren. God offered His name, God Almighty, as the guarantee of this improbable promise. Bound up in God’s covenant promise to Abraham is the Lord’s proclamation of His power. 

The name God Almighty also appears frequently in the book of Job to emphasize God’s power over all things. El Shadday is a powerful, impressive name for our God.  


God’s power over all things


What does this name teach me about God?


*This devotional was taken from the He Reads Truth website