Names of God: Living God and God Most High

Living God & God Most High
Elohim Chay, El Elyon (Hebrew) 

Scripture Reading: Genesis 14:17-202 Kings 19:14-18Psalm 91:1-16Jeremiah 10:10-11Hosea 1:101 Timothy 4:10

Elohim Chay, “Living God,” and El Elyon, “God Most High,” are two of the most frequently used names for God in the Old Testament. The name Elohim was paired with adjectives that describe the God of Israel. These two names, though different, are related. They are used to emphasize the unique nature of God: He is alive and greater than all others.  

The very notion of a living God distinguished Elohim from idols constructed of wood or iron. The Israelite God was—and is—living and active in and among His people. Similarly, the name “God Most High” elevates the God of Israel over all other gods. These names are reminders that God is active and superior to all other objects of worship. 

God’s superiority over all other gods and idols

What do these names teach me about God?


*This devotional was taken from the He Reads Truth website