Names of God: Messiah


Mashiach (Hebrew), Christos (Greek)

Scripture Reading: Psalm 2:1-3Isaiah 61:1-11Matthew 16:13-20Luke 24:18-27John 10:24-25John 11:25-27


The Hebrew word mashiach, or “messiah,” was used to refer to the promised savior of God’s people. The word mashiach was translated into the Greek as christos, which is translated into English as “Christ.” “Messiah” and “Christ” are two titles that describe Jesus as the anointed, or chosen, one of Israel. 

The word mashiach was used to describe someone who was anointed for a particular calling. In Scripture, people called to serve as prophets, priests, and kings were anointed with oil to ceremonially set them apart for their particular work. Jesus perfectly fulfilled all three of these roles for His people through His life, death, and resurrection. He is the chosen and anointed one who perfectly fulfilled His calling as the savior of God’s people.


God’s chosen and anointed one


What does this name teach me about God?


*This devotional was taken from the He Reads Truth website