The Names of God: Jealous

Jealous God

El Qanna (Hebrew)

Scripture Reading: Exodus 20:4-6Exodus 34:10-16Deuteronomy 4:23-24Joshua 24:14-20Nahum 1:1-61 Corinthians 10:14-22


God called Himself a “jealous God” in Exodus 20 when He spoke to Moses at Mount Sinai. This name reminds us that God does not take lightly nor tolerate our wandering hearts. He alone is worthy of our worship and praise, and He will not share it with another.

Scripture presents God as jealous for His deity, His sovereignty, and His glory. Throughout the Old Testament, God uses this name to emphasize that He alone is God, and He alone is holy and worthy of our worship. 


God’s right to be the only object of worship


What does this name teach me about God?


*This devotional was taken from the He Reads Truth website